Boost Shopify sales with product recommendations popup

We've found a magical way to grow your Shopify store with the traffic and data you already have!

We all know cross-selling with product recommendations is one of the best ways to boost sales. You can leverage algorithms that Amazon and other large retailers are using to recommend products to your customers based on what they are viewing and have bought. When done right, recommendations can account for 10-50% of your sales.

After running our recommendation algorithms for the millions of customers and studying what brands have been doing, we've found a hassle-free, no-setup-required way to improve the effectiveness of cross-selling.

Most product recommendations are embedded on the page, like the image below.

While these can be very effective in driving sales conversions, many users skip over them when browsing the content that they are looking to find on the page.

Introducing...Magic Recommendation Popups

Metisa's Magic Widget is different. It shows up on the page as a pop-up just when users are about to navigate away from the page, which is when they are scrolling up on their mobile phone or desktop. The user experience is subtle, non-distracting, yet timely. As a result, it is much more effective than in-page recommendations.

By doing this, we are able to draw your customers' attention to related products at the right moment, increasing the chance that they will browse another product and the chance of making a sale.

Here's how the recommendations look like on desktop and mobile:

Desktop View

Mobile View

How To Install

Time Required: 2 minutes

Cost: Complete free for stores with up to 500 customers. 30-day free trial otherwise.

Installing this on your Shopify site requires no setup, no coding, no fiddling with templates. Simply install the Metisa app and you'll be done in a few clicks.

Apart from our Magic Widget, you can also set up other types of widgets on your website including:

  • Things You May Like: User recommendations on your home page
  • People Who Bought This Also Bought: Related item recommendations on your product page
  • New Products: Recommendations based on new products
  • Trending Products: Recommendations based on recent best sellers