Export analytics data from Taobao, Tmall and Jingdong

Selling on multiple third-party platforms including Taobao淘宝, Tmall天猫 and Jingdong京东 is common for retailers in China. One of the problems people have is with analysing data across these platforms to understand customers better.

Fortunately, almost all these platforms have APIs that provide customer, orders, products and other information. The downside is they are often in Chinese and the process of applying for an API is unwieldy hard to find. The process usually involves 4 steps:

  1. Register a merchant account (you should have one if you are their merchant)
  2. Apply for a developer account
  3. Register an app to get an API access key
  4. Connecting with the API

Here are links to API documentation and application process for popular third-party commerce platforms in China. For the ones where the application process is hard to find on the page, we've included a screenshot.


Docs | How to Apply


Docs | How to Apply


Docs | How to Apply


Docs | How to Apply

Note: Make sure you apply with a merchant account


Docs | How to Apply

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