Target your best customers with Facebook and Instagram lookalike audiences

You have some loyal and happy customers. How do you find more of them? This article shows you how to reverse engineer your best customers and find more of them using Facebook and Instagram ads.

Here's what we'll do

  1. Compute the customer lifetime value (CLV) of each of your customers to find the best ones
  2. Use customer personas and customer lifetime value analysis to identify what differentiates your great customers from your good ones
  3. Find more great customers with Facebook Ads

Step 1: Calculate customer CLV

There are many ways to calculate CLV. The best way to calculate CLV is to use a statistical model that estimates how much each customer is expected to spend in the future. If you run a Shopify, BigCommerce or Magento store, you can do this for free by installing our app.

After installation, you can go to the Customers tab and filter your customers with highest CLV (see screenshot below). Just like that, you get a list of your highest value customers:

Step 2: What differentiates great customers from good ones

Now you could use this list directly, but you could also look a little closer to see if there are any other patterns in your customers.

Our customer personas analysis groups your customers by their purchasing patterns and presents facts about them to you. A possible approach is to reverse engineer customers from one of these clusters, which will yield customers who are valuable and like to buy certain products.

Step 3: Find more great customers with Facebook Ads

Now that you have your list of great customers, you can export and create a lookalike audience in Facebook with their emails.

Go into your Facebook Ad dashboard and create a Custom Audience.

Export your list of emails into Facebook and they'll do the rest. Run your ad and profit!