Giftionery + Metisa: 70% growth in customer retention sales

Giftionery International is a leading stationery and corporate gift supplier in Singapore. Using Metisa, Giftionery International managed their customer lifecycles, converting one-time and at-risk customers to active members. As a result, sales conversions increased by 70%.

"Metisa ensures my customers get recommendations fully tailored to their preferences, at a time when they are most likely to want to purchase"

-- Ryan Yim, Managing Director at Giftionery® International

Challenge: Reactivating one-time and at-risk customers as a seasonal business

Giftionery International has always driven their marketing towards providing big organizations, including both public and private educational institutions. They have a huge customer database, including a vast number of members signed up on their online store, and huge name list of potential customers from organized events in the education industry.

Furthermore, main customers tend to produce equipment in a seasonal manner such as Singapore’s Children’s Day and Back to School periods. The marketing team at Giftionery International have found themselves very busy at certain times of the year and hence, have found an urgent need for a system that allows easy management of strategies periodically and find the most effective solutions to keep customers coming back at peak seasons.

Solution: Lifecycle marketing and email automation

Recognizing the need for a well-organized management platform that allows extensive data driven customer segmentation, analysis and control over different campaigns throughout the seasons, Giftionery International worked with Metisa to implement lifecycle marketing strategies. Metisa offers a simple solution to control emails and customer groups for lifecycle marketing. Each customer is comprehensively analyzed and segmented, which allows effecting targeting to different groups of customers.

Several strategies were set up, tailoring to different groups of customers and ensuring personalized recommendations to customers at risk. Metisa reports the performance of the emails daily and helps drive the decision making the process for marketing using these results. Consequently, Giftionery International was able to easily focus on the content of strategies such as win-back and blasts to new customers without having to do the analysis themselves. Sales and the number of active users increased. during the month leading up to Singapore's Children's Day.

Results: 70% increase in customer retention

The emails were sent out early August and in just four days, the number of new customers surpassed the previous month's number and the first order size almost caught up to last year's peak season. After about a week, Giftionery International's customer retention increased by 70%. The customer retention is calculated by looking at how much sales were made depending on the number of emails sent.

Metisa was able to drive smarter marketing for Giftionery International with fewer emails by targeting customers with better and effective content. While the number of emails decreased by 33%, the sales total increased by 15%. Customer segmentation and personalized targeting have shown drastic improvement in click rates, almost 6.5x, with open rates up to 50%.

"Our open and click rate are much higher than before, we have lots of orders coming in as well, a great improvement"

Furthermore, these tailored emails have led to more sales offline, including but not limited to direct emails and calls. The average order size has increased by 3 times. Metisa should eventually spread out the seasonality of business by having an annual email campaign leading up to the season peak.