How to personalize your WooCommerce store in minutes with Metisa

Want to add recommendation engines and personalization to your app to drive conversions?

In this tutorial, we'll show you how you can incorporate recommendation engines and personalization in your website and mobile apps for free in minutes with Metisa.

Note: Metisa is free for the first $300 of sales we generate for you. After that, we have insanely affordable pricing plans.

Why personalization?

If you're not yet convinced as to why you should invest in personalization, let's look at the numbers.

  • 42% of millennials say they will spend more time reading content if it is tailored to their interest
  • 35% of sales from Amazon come from personalization
  • 80+% of engagement from Youtube come from personalization

Personalization can be implemented easily on your WooCommerce website and continue to drive sales conversions over the lifetime of your business.

1. Create a Metisa account

First, hop over to Metisa and create a free account.

After you've created your account, select Integrate your Business - WooCommerce. Enter your WooCommerce store URL and store currency (e.g. USD, JPY, AUD) and you are ready to send data to us.

2. Send data to Metisa

Let's give you some background on how Metisa makes recommendations. Metisa analyzes the way users interact with the items on your website. Thus, you'll have to send Metisa data in the form of <user> <action> <item>.

Let's quickly define each of these terms:

  • Users are the people that use your website
  • Items are products or services that you want to recommend and sell to customers
  • Action is interaction between your users and products. For instances, users purchase items or users click on items.

Sending data to Metisa with your website takes minutes to set up.

Follow the instructions in our WooCommerce documentation to send data to Metisa.

3. Install recommendation widgets

Configure and preview widget on Metisa dashboard

Insert HTML snippet into your website template

4. Track conversions

You can see how your widgets are performing in Metisa Dashboard - Widgets where you can see the click rates and sales from each widget.

5. Emails, predictive insights and more

You've set up widgets on your website, what's next?

You can also send personalized email newsletters and autoresponders with Metisa.

As part of our mission to help businesses maximize returns on email marketing, we offer one of the best email sending rates on the planet. Refer to our pricing page for details.

As we collect data about your business, we also produce customer insights including predictive customer lifetime value, predictive churn, customer personas and segmentation which you can use to continue to increase the value of your store. Explore our Insight Reports from your dashboard to learn more.

Over to you

That's it. Happy growing your business with your newly personalized website!