Stride Rite + Metisa: 25% better churn detection and optimized win-back offer

Stride Rite is a leading manufacturer and marketer of children’s footwear in United States since 1919. With their commitment to innovation, research and technology, Stride Rite shoes are fashionable and healthy at the same time. They have over 30 stores in Greater China and Southeast Asia.

Challenge: Identify and winback disengaged customers

Within hours of installing Metisa, the team was able to see predictive insights about their online and offline customers. The lifecycle distribution of their customers indicated that winning back customers who were losing engagement could significantly increase the value of the brand.

Solution: Find the best offer and timing for discounts with predictive churn and A/B tests

We used Metisa's predictive churn to identify at-risk customers more accurately, so as to preserve brand equity and offer discounts only to truly at-risk customers. We also ran A/B tests on 3 levels of discounts to figure out what was the optimal level.

Results: 25% better churn prediction and identified optimal winback offer

Metisa's predictive churn identified disengaged customers 25% more accurately than their rule of a customer who has not bought for 12 months, as measured by the percentage of customers who opened their email promotion.

Using predictive churn, Stride Rite could identify the right trigger point for win-back campaigns to disengaged customers, increasing the likelihood of a sale.