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Top recommendation engine providers in Asia

If you're looking for a recommendation engine provider in Asia, you can find several answers from this Quora question that can help you evaluate which is the best provider for you.

Metisa is a recommendation and personalization engine that is used by top retailers with millions of customers in Asia. There are several reasons for you to consider us:

1. Increase sales conversions by over 2x

Our recommendations have been benchmarked against more than 15 others and you can expect to generate sales uplift and increase conversion rates in a statistically significant way.

2. Recommendations to first-time visitors

Metisa converts your visitors into paying customers with recommendations that adapt in real-time as they shop.

About 90% of your store's visits are from new customers. Metisa increases their likelihood to buy by analyzing their behavior with machine learning algorithms similar to those used by Amazon and Walmart and generating immediate conversion-increasing recommendations as they browse your site.

For further reading, check out our article on realtime recommendations.

3. Customizable

You can customize recommendations to suit the specific needs of your business because we have engineers and designers in Singapore and Hong Kong who can work closely with your marketing and engineering team to develop a solution that fits you.

US and Europe based recommendation engine solutions mostly see Asia as a sales office whereas we are actively developing a product that works specifically for Asia.

4. Flexible enough to personalize an entire page

You can show recommendations by category, brand, gender, and others and create a completely personalized page. In this example, Metisa’s recommendations are used to power a high traffic site for leading fast fashion player Zalora.

And by the way, the sales conversion rates on this page are INSANE.

To install Metisa's recommendation engines and get access to predictive analytics, feel free to reach out at hello@askmetisa.com. If you have a Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce store, you can get started for free here.

Justin Yek

Justin Yek

Partner & cofounder at Altitude Labs, creator of Metisa, former investment banker, public speaker, hobbyist musician

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