Zalora + Metisa: Recommendations drove 50% more conversions, 80% of campaign sales

ZALORA is a leading fashion e-commerce brand in Asia with presences in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia & Brunei, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand. Zalora is known for its adoption of data-driven marketing processes. Zalora is a Rocket Internet company that has raised US$238 million in venture-backed funding since its inception in 2012.

Challenge: Increase sales from email marketing with personalization

ZALORA's customer relationship management (CRM) team sends regular email newsletters to their customers and adopts a range of data-driven marketing techniques to maximize returns. ZALORA sells thousands of products on its platform, which makes it an added challenge to recommend the right product to each user. ZALORA was interested to see if they could drive more click and sales conversions using Metisa's recommendation engine.

Solution: A/B test Metisa vs. existing recommendation engine

To test the strength of Metisa's recommendation engine, we ran an A/B test against their recommendation engine for ZALORA's customers in Taiwan. The campaign contained marketing promotions at the top and product recommendations near the bottom.

Results: 50% more click conversions and accounted for 80% of campaign sales

Metisa's campaign drove up to 50% more clicks and accounted for 80% of overall sales for the campaign, despite occupying screen real estate at the bottom of the campaign, on the fifth from the top content block. This demonstrates the power of content personalization to drive more engagements and sales conversions for brands.