Shopify Integration

This integration takes 1 minute to complete.

Install the Metisa Shopify app

Go to Click ‘Get’ and sign in to your Shopify store. You will be redirected to your Shopify store.

Click Install App. You will be redirected to

Setup your Metisa account

Create your login name, team name, and team URL. You should receive an email with instructions to create a password and login.

Note: If you have already created a Metisa account, click on the Sign In link at the bottom of the page.

You have integrated - What's next?

Congratulations, that was all you need to do to get set up with Metisa! So, what now?

The moment you successfully integrated, Metisa has started to work on your data, running machine learning algorithms to make sense of your customers. This analyzing process usually takes less than 15 minutes, but depending on the amount of data you have (ie. number of sales transactions, customers, products), it can sometimes take up to an hour to finish the process.

Check back in an hour and your Metisa dashboard should be ready to help you supercharge your e-ecommerce sales. You can login to your Metisa dashboard here.