The Modern Marketer's Guide to Lifecycle Marketing

The smarter way to acquire, convert and retain your customers.

Are you looking to take the guesswork out of your marketing workflow?

You have come to the right place! Our actionable guide explains how lifecycle marketing is used by modern marketers to create a repeatable framework for consistent business growth.

This approach is based on on what we have learnt from managing a database of millions customers and from working with industry leading CMOs and customer relationship management (CRM) practitioners.

This guide comes with the following chapters:

1. First principles
How should modern marketers think? What is lifecycle marketing?
2. Lifecycle marketing stages
How the best e-commerce businesses split their customers into six lifecycle marketing stages.
3. Product product product
Why you should get your product right first before going data-driven.
4. Customer acquisition
Stage-by-stage analysis of the two customer acquisition stages.
5. Customer retention
Stage-by-stage analysis of the four customer retention stages.
6. Campaigns, recommendations and abandoned carts
Other noteworthy tools in a marketers' toolset.
7. Conclusion
Wrapping it up.

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