The movers & shakers of North America e-commerce

The movers & shakers of North America e-commerce

Who are the movers and shakers in North America ecommerce?

This programmatically generated report compares a few of them in terms of traffic, engagement metrics, and major customer acquisition and retention channels.

We ranked the largest companies in North America by ecommerce sales, including in our analysis those with annual ecommerce sales above USD 1 billion, according to data from eMarketer.

The goal is to compare these players in a transparent, independent, and neutral manner and see what observations could be drawn.

The traffic data you will see is sourced from a third-party, independent source called SimilarWeb. They combine several sources of data including local internet service providers, monitored devices, web crawlers, and direct measurement sources to come up with estimates of traffic data, time on site, bounce rate, and other metrics.

Do also note that the data only considers web and mobile traffic. Nowadays, a lot of ecommerce engagement is on native mobile apps. While there is definitely a correlation between mobile web and native mobile traffic, this means you should take the analysis with a grain of salt.

Hope you enjoy the infographic and observations below! If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions, feel free to reach out at

Some observations

Who are the biggest players?

Who has the best customer engagement?

How are they acquiring customers?

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